I love fat booth photo's.
So i returned ALL the supplements/vitamens yesterday. A.It cost a butt load of $ that i don't have every month and B.Maybe i better work out for a while with out supplements, then think about incorporating them if i need a hand after i plateau. C. I cannot believe how sore i am today.
Last night i went with two girlfriends for some cold stone ice cream and girl chat. I brought decafienated green tea with raspberry in a thermos so i would stay strong and not drown myself in a delicious sugary substance. Mission accomplished. Cold Stone who?
I take for granted the great women i have in my life. I get lost in my kids,husband,family life...and i really want to be as good as a friend as my friends are to me. I am a lucky lady. I am so thankful i have friends i can talk to about any topic under the sun!


Jackie Warner

A few months ago i watched Thintervention (i think on Bravo) with this Gem. Lets face it, if its reality TV, im watching it. Since the show, i have been wanting to follow Jackie's method. Its basically just eating 'clean'.  I am a sugar addict and lately i have been feeling like garbage. So we bought her book at B&N last Saturday while on a little family outing. (Which was a fabulous day. Ran a few errands, ate at 5 Guys, Dust took Nix to see Tron at the IMAX, i refused to see it & we knew Bost wouldnt sit still so Bost & I went to Zella's, this antique store i love. Then Nix and I went to his cousin, Hunters Bday party while Dust & Bost stayed home because D was babysitting his friends little boy so he & his Mrs. could go on a date.) Anyhoo, today is day 1 of Dustin and I following Jackies Method. I read the whole book Saturday night & D is just my guinnea pig, letting me pack his lunches/snacks and telling him what he can/can't eat. I know he has a good idea of what to eat anyway because he was a personal trainer at 24hr fitness when i met him, but he's being a good sport and letting me feel in charge of getting us sexy. I don't own a scale (i did for about 2wks until Nix broke it, the kids thought it was so exciting to weigh themselves everytime they went into my bathroom. If only i had the same enthusiasm!) so i don't know my current weight, but D and i will weigh in somewhere, and take before pictures. I will NEVER post the before picture because i am terrified to have that floating around the internet, not that anyone cares anyway. So Jackie reccomends a list of natural supplements and is does a phenomonal job at convincing explaining why they work and why you need and want them. I did my first work out after a handful of supplements and i barely made it through without puking! And my burps taste like Ramen. I forked over the money already so i may as well tough it out and we'll see if i buy more after these run out. Hopefully i'll stop feeling like garbage! As soon as blogger stops being an A hole i have a mobile pic for you to enjoy of what my night stand looks like. You may pretend like you don't know me after you see all the candy wrappers.
Other happenings around this place include potty training Bost. We started yesterday. So far we've had 5 accidents. One wet and two poo's yesterday and two wet today. I feel like a labor and delivery nurse, coaching him to poo on the pot.
Nix is starting his first Soccor season in March and i am the coach. I played in HS for a year. Can't say i remember the rules but i'll figure it out. I think it will be fun. Thats all.
Here she is! And that has been cleaned out recently Ha!


Shutterfly: 50 Free Christmas Cards!!!

OK, so I found this sweet deal through another friends blog (thanks Kami!). Shutterfly is doing a sweet promotion for bloggers this holiday season! Just another reason to love Shutterfly, right!?! All you have to do is post about it on your blog and boom, 50 free Christmas cards! Who doesn't love Christmas cards, especially when they're from Shutterfly and free? It's like a little bit of Christmas all month long when the mail man comes and delivers a stack of envelopes full of smiling faces on red and green cards!

If you're not part Elf, like mysELF (pun intended) this holiday season and would rather skip the Christmas card, you can still do lots of fun stuff through Shutterfly a la calendars or photo mugs! Basically, there's something for everyone to enjoy!


Yesterday the kids and i hustled out the door to make it down town to Boise for a Dr. appointment.  Sometime next year we want to add to our family.  It takes a few months to get into the OB office i want to go to, so i went in to have old man river take my IUD out. TMI?  I was freaking out about my appointment the night before because i am NOT ready to be pregnant yet.  I hadn't taken into account the wait time for an appointment with this Dr..
 It made me feel like i wasnt in control anymore of when i would get pregnant.  Good ole Dustin calmed me down. I mean, there ARE other forms of birth control besides an IUD.
Just none other that are so convenient. So we will play the dodge the baby game.
I dont know why but i left that office feeling like a million bucks. Like, Hey, Everybody, i can have a baby now if i want! But i dont want. Not just yet.
I've been smothering Boston lately, forcing him to hug and snuggle me. He's so cute at this age, i just want to bottle him up. So eventually we'll make another Boston, or Bostina.

We've been doing story time at the library lately. They have it 3 days and 1 night a week. I always intend to make it at least twice but we're kind of hit and miss. Today i met the cutest mom there. She almost named her 4yo boy Nixon, but drew Carter out of the hat-literally. Nixon thought it was so amazing to hear of someone else who almost had the same name.
He loves going to story time and does really well with the group of kids. I don't think i give him enough credit when it comes to wether or not he will behave when he's not in my care. He listens to the teacher so well and is blissed out on the story time rug with a smile and a buggary finger.
My little nose picker.
How do you get kids to stop picking their nose, anyway? We've said he will be the grossy kid at school. That bugs will invade his stomach. Etc.

Beginning tomorrow, he will have a little art class for a few hours each Friday at the library. He is over the moon excited, and i am too.
His best bud, Issac has been teaching him how to ride his bike w/o training wheels. The training wheels on his bike are a peice of turd. He has been riding his bike with a 30 degree tilt.
No big deal.
So i took those puppies off and lo and behold, he rides so much better w/o the training wheels than he ever did with them.
Now that Nix and Isaac are all about riding bikes all day, Bost wants in on the action so he finally loves his Strider bike he got for his birthday this year. Its too cute to see him chase after Nix and Isaac and try to be one of the big fellas.
Loving autumn this year.



My boys are quite lucky in the Aunt Department. One of thier faves is "Ashee" Dustins sister, Ashlee. Ash lives in Provo and is going to school at UVU. She just got accepted into the BFA program, her emphasis is photography. You go girl. She's a talented little lady, thats for sure. So last week when she was here visiting, she invited us to the park to take some pictures of the boys. They're still talking about how much fun they had throwing rocks, finding sticks and playing on the bridge. I'm sad that my kids look older in these. They are all up in my face all day every day, but seeing them in a picture is different, i guess. I didn't realize that they started growing up on me:(


Gary Fisher

My husband loves me.  A lot.  But sometimes i feel like he is my parent. Example:
*A few weeks back*
Hubs: Hey do you have a pen? I need one to write in my journal.
Moi: Ya, rumage through my purse, theres one in the bottom somewhere.
Hubs: Why is your camera in here with all this crap and not in its case?
Moi: Silence for the evening. (Silence in my specialty)
Hubs: (Insert long 'lecture' on how to take care of things)

*6am This morning*
I come downstairs after a sweat session with horse face michaels
Hubs: Someone stole my bike! I left it out in front of the house last night and its gone.
Moi: Oh, really? Dang babe, you didn't put it away last night? You can take my car to work.
Hubs rumaging through his drawers
Moi: Are you looking for like a vin number or something to give for a police report
Hubs ignores. Moi: Oh, i'm sorry, did i ask you a question? Didn't mean to talk.
Hubs: I just got a freaking $2,000 bike stolen and you're not even caring!
And there i sat. Pondering if i should let him stay mad/frantic/upset all day or not...and what i should say to the Police Officer who would likely swing by the house later in the day to ask questions.  Yes.  I took this golden oppertunity to hide his bike.  The precious Gary Fisher. Vanished. Me oh my! I knew to put it on the right side of the house because he'd look on the left.

 Touche', Dustin.

And so a lesson was learned.  And we laughed. 

Then the kids and i went on a little adventure through the neighborhoods for a short cut to Settlers Park. Which ended up being a classic Paige Long-Cut, but we made it.
Boston would not stop saying "Quesadilla!" rather than "Cheese!" when i took his picture. 

Bless him.