I love fat booth photo's.
So i returned ALL the supplements/vitamens yesterday. A.It cost a butt load of $ that i don't have every month and B.Maybe i better work out for a while with out supplements, then think about incorporating them if i need a hand after i plateau. C. I cannot believe how sore i am today.
Last night i went with two girlfriends for some cold stone ice cream and girl chat. I brought decafienated green tea with raspberry in a thermos so i would stay strong and not drown myself in a delicious sugary substance. Mission accomplished. Cold Stone who?
I take for granted the great women i have in my life. I get lost in my kids,husband,family life...and i really want to be as good as a friend as my friends are to me. I am a lucky lady. I am so thankful i have friends i can talk to about any topic under the sun!


  1. I will always love our vigurous topics...spelling should be the next..hug hug

  2. how fun! I didn't have icecream with you...but I consider you a good friend that you KNOW can talk about anything;)